National SEO differs from both Global and Local SEO in many ways. First, let’s discuss why a company would want to invest in National SEO. Let’s say you own a local business that has begun to expand, or you have a prexisting business that sells a product all over the United States. National SEO allows us to reach those individuals. Optimizing for local keywords (e.g. “hoboken nj bakery” with 110 searches per month) we only see small, but highly targeted search volume. When optimizing for nationally ranked keywords, the keywords available receive much more searches but may be more competitive. The first step in any National Search Engine Optimization campaign is to a conduct thorough industry analysis. This involves competition research, understanding your specific target demographic, and keyword research. The process of keyword research is much more tedious than it would be in a Local optimization campaign. This is because we need to be very meticulous about what keywords we want your national business to rank for. Do the keywords receive enough searches? Do the keywords have a lot of competition? These are just a few of the questions we ask when determining which phrases are best to optimize your website for.¬†Once the keyword research has been completed and presented for approval, we discuss possible content creation methods. It is important to create unique, sharable, and informative content that is optimized for the keywords we wish to rank for on a national (country) level.

The content created can take a variety of forms – blog posts, YouTube videos, infographics, and more. To begin though, we often recommend creating a company blog. This acts as the platform for us to push the content created, no matter the medium (video, graphic, etc). It is very important to not only create unique content, but also publish it on a consistent basis. This helps to build an audience who is willing to engage, share, and link to the content. The next step is link building. Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to your website. Links are looked at like votes to many search engines. The more votes you have from reputable websites, the better your website will do in the search results. Link building is key to any SEO campaign, especially as national SEO campaign. We often reffer to Link Building and Digital PR as the same service, because they are so similar. Digital PR (or Digital Public Relations) is the process of building relationships with journalists/bloggers/writers in your industry and having them write about your product or service on their website. This not only helps garner your site a link for link building and SEO purposes, but it also helps build your brand. If you own a company that is marketed to a national audience and would like to gain more leads and sales through online marketing channels, National SEO could be right for you. If you would like a free SEO analysis, contact us today!

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