Global Search Engine Optimization is a much more complex process as it involves targeting consumers on an international scale. Depending on that various locations you wish to target, there may need to be websites created in various languages. The ultimate goal of Global SEO is to create the most relevant and seamless web browsing experience to your potential customer, regardless of where they are in the world and what language they speak. What we need to be 100% sure of when conducting a Global campaign is your brands story and how to communicate it on a global scale. This is much more than utilizing an automated translation software. We need to be sure that whoever is reading your content in their language understand the action we want them to take (e.g. buy your product, purchase your service, sign-up, etc). As with all SEO campaigns, we take the same initial approach to learning the industry and preferred demographic. This entails a deep Industry Analysis whereby we conduct competition research and learn more about your company on a whole. Once we are fully aware of what we are dealing with, we can begin creating a strategy. When it comes to Global SEO, often times content marketing is the best place to begin. This is because it allows us to reach for various keywords in a short amount of time and create consistent content that your target demographic is searching for. Unlike many SEO companies, we do not just use automated translation software. Our goal is to make sure that the

content written is authentic as possible, therefore we use native speakers of the country we are targeting or those who can speak it fluently. The next step is global keyword research. This involves selecting phrases that the individuals from specific countries are typing in to find your product or service. Depending on which countries we are targeting for this Global SEO campaign, we work with native speakers to be 100% sure of phrasing, dialect, and cultural language norms. It is very important to adapt our keywords to the country we are targeting. This will ensure that the rest of our Global SEO campaign goes smoothly. Our strategies for targeting on a global scale are different than any local or national SEO campaign that we may run. For example, since each country has a different Top-Level Domain (TLD), many search engines favor country-specific domains in the country the user is searching from. Thus, we try to incorporate that into our SEO strategy. Also, it is important to refine your keyword data by each country to get the most accurate keyword data to use as a framework for the Global SEO campaign. Global Search Engine Optimization requires a much wider range of skills than many SEO companies can afford to offer – efficient and effective  keyword research, competitive analysis, cultural initiatives, and more. A successful Global SEO campaign can ensure your company reaches consumers that your competitors might not be and that your business has a consistent brand on a global scale.

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