Link building is the process of getting other websites to point links from their site to yours..

Why are links important?

Think of links as votes, except each vote holds more weight depending on the site. For example, having the New York Times link to your website is a much bigger “vote” (in the eyes of search engines) than having a small personal blog link to you.

Search engines are giant algorithms. They try to determine how much great information your website has to offer people. The way they do this is by seeing how many “votes” (links) your website has to it and from what sites. If they see that high profile websites such as the Huffington Post or Wikipedia are linking to you, they will think, “Okay, this website must have great content if all of these other websites are linking to it.” and they will boost you up in their rankings.

Blackhat vs. Whitehat Strategies

There are various different schools of thought when it comes to link building. Some SEO’s go against the “rules” (guidelines set forth by many search engines) and spam links to give websites a quick boost in the ranks. These tactics are known in the SEO industry as “blackhat”. If you are solicited for SEO services for under $1,000, they are using cheap, spam tactics that could signal to the search engines that you are breaking the “rules”. If this happens, your website could be completely banned from many major search engines.

Whitehat SEO is the process of ethical link building. This includes content marketing, infographic marketing, press releases, submitting to high quality directories, social media marketing, and more. Search engines want you to earn the links that your site receives, not try to game the system.