Keyword research is the process of determining what specific phrases your target demographic is typing into search engines in to find your product or service..

How is it useful?

Let’s say you run a bakery in Hoboken, NJ. You have a website and would love to start selling custom cakes via your site. The problem is that you aren’t currently getting any traffic to your website. The first step in getting traffic is to find out what the potential customer is typing in to find the bakery you own, right? Using various different keyword research tools, we can determine which keywords are most beneficial to optimize your site for. Below is an example keyword that people search when trying to find a bakery in Hoboken.


Our goal with keyword research is not only to find phrases people are using to find your product/service, but make sure that there is not a lot of competition (making it harder for us to get your website on page #1 when someone types in that keyword).

What is the process like?

SEO’s all attack keyword research from different angles. Here at Eleven3, we like to get to know your business and your ideal customer as well as possible before we jump into anything. That helps us refine our list of keywords and thus makes conversions (the jump from reading your website to becoming a lead) much higher.

After a proper industry analysis has been done, we determine what keywords, if any, you are currently ranking on page one for. If you need to start from scratch, no problem. Our next step is competition analysis. We take the time to reverse engineer your competitors SEO process. What keywords are they ranking on page #1 for? How did they get there? Can we use any of their strategies? Finally we begin the process of collecting the keywords. We use various tools to determine what keywords are worth rankings for (examples: Google Keyword Planner and Moz). Once the keywords have been selected, we have a discussion to finalize the list. After finalization, we can begin optimizing all of the on-page content for the specific keywords chosen.