The way we do business has changed drastically over the past five to ten years. More and more business owners rely on the internet as a source to find and connect with customers. As this trend continues, businesses dedicate larger and larger portions of their marketing budget to digital, such as Search Engine Optimization. Why? Traditional marketing has all but disappeared. This is because the mindset of consumers, when making a purchasing decision, has changed as fast as the way we do business. Today the average consumer will research a product extensively through organic means (e.g. utilizing a search engine to ask “best nj restaurant”). Content marketing agencies and SEO companies (such as our partners, digitalux and us) are taking the place of traditional marketing/advertising agencies because digital strategies offer a much higher ROI. This is because the cost is, on average, much lower and we are able to reach your target demographic through organic means. “Organic”, meaning that the individual finds your business because they were already looking for the information you have. Here at eleven3, we focus on finding

your target demographic through organic means, specifically through search optimization tactics (more commonly referred to as SEO). SEO is the advanced strategy of improving a web site in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives through organic, non-paid means – search engines. That’s right, unlike search engine marketing companies that rely on paying for online advertising, we specialize only in search engine optimization that you don’t have to pay an advertiser for. There are a multitude of factors that go into SEO – the content on your site, the way your site is designed/developed, the links you have coming to your site from other websites (link building), and much more. With most internet marketing agencies, you get a website that is built for search engines – with eleven3, you get a website that is optimized for search engines and human beings. We believe all websites should be visually pleasing and have optimized content – this leads to higher lead generation. Keep reading to learn how SEO can grow your NJ or NYC business.




A search engine is nothing more than an algorithmic robot programmed to look for specific elements on a website. These elements are then used to judge where your website should be placed when someone searches.


There is a lot of work that goes into having a search engine bot find and judge your site as satisfactory enough to place on the front page of their results. They judge your site on many factors – both on-page and off-page.


If the search engines “crawls” your site and deems it satisfactory enough to be included in the search results, it will be indexed. However, having your site indexed is not the same as it being optimized.


of all organic clicks go to the top three search results


of users never scroll past the first page of search results


of online experiences begin with a search engine


of consumers use Google to find a local business


On-page SEO refers to the optimization of all of the content that is both visible and invisible to the user. Visible: text, images, videos, etc. Invisible: HTML, Flash, PHP, Javascript, etc. It also takes into account the user experience that your website provides. Does the information on your site help the user better understand the search query (based on perceived intent)? Is the site visually pleasing? A great example of how on-page optimization should look is the Wikipedia page for Search Engine Optimization. You will notice that the layout is perfect for breaking up this topic and the non-visible factors are also optimized.


Off-page optimization is the process of increasing the popularity of your website on the internet. Search engines often look at the amount of links that are pointing to your website from reliable, trusted sources versus the links that are pointing to your site from unreliable, untrusted sources. A good example of this would be that a link from a site like The Huffington Post to yours would pass a much higher trust signal to search engines than a link from a small blog that was just created. Off-page SEO is often synonymous with the term “link building”. Link building is an advanced optimization strategy we will go into more detail on further down.

How does an SEO AGENCY work?

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the process of finding the specific keywords that your demographic is typing into search engines when they are looking for your product or service. This is, by far, one of the most important (yet, under-valued and under-utilized) processes involved when optimizing a website. Ranking for the keywords that receive a lot of searches can dramatically improve your business’ lead generation and overall sales.

On-Page Optimization

As mentioned before, on-page optimization is vital to explaining to search engines what your website is about. As an SEO Company, we utilize advanced, proven strategies to make sure that the keywords we are targeting are used to optimize your website (content, HTML, and all media).

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is an ongoing process that involves increasing the popularity of your website through strategies such as link building. All of the tactics eleven3 uses when it comes to SEO are purely white-hat, which means that we strictly abide by the rules and regulations set forth by all search engines. This ensures that your website stays on the front page for competitive keywords.

Track, Measure, Improve

Being a Search Engine Optimization Agency, we rely on metrics to prove the success of each campaign we take on. Not only that, but we are also obsessed with perfection. That means that we will not stop until your business overachieves the results you were hoping for. Each month we report your websites rankings, analytics, and show how we can/will make improvements.

Each SEO Firm, Company, or Agency is different. Some focus purely on Content Marketing, others on building links. Here at eleven3, we take a well-rounded approach to the optimization of your website. Having an advanced knowledge of the search optimization industry and experiences helping multi-million dollar businesses grow, we have refined our process to five steps. While all of our marketing plans are customized to fit each client, these steps help us lay out what actions to take from the beginning. First, we conduct an Industry Analysis. This step involves learning more about your business, the industry you are in, your competition, your target demographic, and how you currently are generating leads. Once we have a firm grasp all of that information, we move on to keyword research. This process, as mentioned above, sets the groundwork for the entire campaign. Since we understand who your demographic is, keyword research helps us figure out exactly what they are typing into search engines to find your product or service. Next, there are two options. We either optimize your current website for these terms or, if your website is not properly laid out

to be optimized, we can create an entirely new site. Your new site will be designed by a creative team that we work very closely with, Digitalux, and be responsive (meaning your website will collapse or expand depending on the device the user is viewing it on – mobile, tablet, TV, etc). Once the site is fully optimized for the keywords we are targeting, we begin our off-page optimization campaign in order to send signals to the search engines that your website is popular and has content worth viewing. We utilize white-hat methods such as Content Marketing (blogging and creating sharable content – such as infographics – that people want to link to). Aside from building links, we focus on making sure that your business is properly represented in all of the major directories (e.g. Yelp, Google My Business, Yahoo Directory). Search engines and users utilize this data – such as contact information and reviews – to make decisions. Lastly, we track all of our metrics, measure the success of the SEO campaign, and improve upon what is working. Each month you will receive a report outlining Key Performance Indicators showing your sites rankings and analytics.

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